We’re Moving In!


Just a quick stop in to say hello! We decided to move into the house we renovated, and so we spend the long weekend doing just that. Happy Canada Day to all of the Canadians out there, and Happy 4th of July to all the Americans! We won’t have internet till the end of the weekend, so it’ll probably be pretty quiet around here for a bit, that and the house is a disaster…

Have a great week!

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The Best Fish Tacos

We made fish tacos for the first time last week, and they turned out really well. It was a bit of an adventure, with myself, Jon and his brother James all working together in an excited, concerted effort.  I’m not someone who’s big on following recipes, so I’ll usually read a few different recipes from pinterest of whatever I’m looking to make, combine the best bits from the ones I like, and wing it from there. It generally works out pretty well, too.  Especially when the boys are excited about dinner and take directions well 😉

I used tilapia, which worked really because its a dense fish that doesn’t flake or fall apart when it cooks. I cut it into  short strips, dipped it in an egg wash, and then into some flour I kicked up a notch with some chipotle powder and salt& pepper. And in it went into a hot, oiled cast iron pan:

DSC02801DSC02807I cheated a bit, and bought a can of re-fried beans and Sidekicks Mexican rice. I hadn’t been planning on doing rice and beans, because real rice and beans would have been a lot of work. But Jon called me when I was grabbing a few things from the grocery store, and when I told him we were having fish tacos he said “with rice and beans?!?!” in a really excited voice, so I figured I would oblige. I’m a good wife that way ;). So rice and beans, out of a can and package, heated on the stove:DSC02803The other toppings, which was really all that I had only originally planned for the tacos, centered around an amazing coleslaw I make:


To make the dressing: I use a good amount of cilantro, chopped; the juice of a lime or two; a splash of white or cider vinegar( whatever you have on hand will work, except balsamic); some good Dijon mustard, just a teaspoon or so. I like a good grainy Dijon, not the smooth stuff, although it works too. A clove of garlic, chopped fine, and some red onion or green onion, chopped. Add some salt & pepper, and whisk everything together with some good olive oil. If its too tart for you, add a pinch of sugar, and add any more of the above ingredients to suit your own taste as well.

Toss with a package of coleslaw, broccoli slaw, or your own homemade mix.

Then I added some chives to some sour cream, chopped up some more cilantro, some limes and an avocado for toppings.

DSC02813=eHot ingredients, ready to go:

DSC02815and cold toppings:

DSC02806- eLoad everything into large flour tortillas:

DSC02818- eFold, add some lime to garnish and more slaw on the side, and Voila!

DSC02823- eThe best fish tacos I’ve ever made! Serve with a cold cerveza and enjoy!

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