Inspector Jacka$$


We finally had our rough-in inspection last week, the day after the first inspection was scheduled. We found out he had locked his keys in his car (can you still even do that now? With all the technologically- advanced key-fobs cars have? You would have to have manually locked the car with your keys inside…such a bizarre excuse, i’m not sure I buy it). First things first- he was late. Again, we asked for the inspection to be at 6:30 a.m.- again, they scheduled it for “9 a.m. of before”. He showed up about 9:20.

And then proceeded to put our house through the wringer with all manner of ridiculous, arbitrary city codes. Our city code has various options on how to treat certain issues depending on the situation. But apparently it is up to the inspector as to which option is the “right” one at any given inspection. He failed us, and saddled us with a list a page long of things that needed to be fixed before he would pass us. Jon called around to a few people he know to get their opinions/ advice on how to handle the various points we needed to fix, and when he told them the name of the inspector, the consensus was “rough luck- you got the worst guy to have” . And it has to be the same inspector who comes back to re-do the rough-in inspection, and then the final inspection.

So we spent the weekend ripping out a ton of work that the different trades had done that the inspector didn’t like  and said wasn’t up to code. We and fixed and re-did plumbing & venting, added fire-rated insulation( in the middle of an open room –> why??) and pulled off insulation and vapor barrier.



In the midst of all that kerfuffle, we had realized the furnace wasn’t working a few days earlier- the house was suddenly freezing when we went in one day. We had a friend check it out, who determined that the motor wasn’t working-   when the HVAC guy serviced our furnace, he put a new belt on the furnace that was wayyy too tight, and it ended up blowing the motor on the furnace. We called back said HVAC guy, who told us that, yes, we needed a new motor, but since it was Saturday, no suppliers were open and he wouldn’t be able to get us one till Tuesday, since Monday was a holiday. Also, that it would cost us  $536. But took no responsibility for the fact that his incorrect actions had created the problem in the first place. Nice guy, huh? Especially since it was supposed to get down to -15 degrees that night, so our pipes would surely freeze and burst. Luckily, we found a hilarious local guy who had some used ones lying around, and was willing to come out on a Saturday to install it. All for $230 and a medium regular Tim’s.

Cross your fingers the re-inspection will go well. The light seems even further down the tunnel…