Well, don’t you clean up nice!

We’ve decided we are going to list the house for sale, and see what happens. It will hopefully list next Monday, provided everything works out and we finish up on schedule.

That being said, our plan of attack changed a bit with intending to sell rather than move in. If we were moving in, many of the little things we spent the past week/ end on wouldn’t be high on the priority list,  but since we’re going to sell, the house needs to be in tip-top shape so we get the most bang for our buck with this renovation. We started to really focus on the things that would get the house sold and the overall appearance.

We spent a good few days last week & weekend giving the house a through cleaning to remove all the construction debris that was still hanging around, and I spent a significant amount of time scraping paint off the new floors- considering that the contractors had ‘painted everything’ before the flooring went in, there was a ridiculous amount of painting to still be done- the old doors and trim, touch ups, you name it, I painted it for 4 days. And didn’t put down any drop cloths, because I didn’t realize exactly how much there was still to do. Oops.  I never want to paint another piece of trim again.

Jon’s brother James kindly came over one evening and gave me a hand with the cleaning. So after scraping paint off the new floors for a few hours, we attempted to organize the remaining tools and building materials,and gave the whole place a good dusting, vacuuming and mopping. And not only was I grateful to James for his help, but the place looked really good after, despite the clutter still hanging around:


front hall, looking towards front door


front hall, looking towards kitchen/ stairs


bedroom #3, smallest


bedroom #3, smallest


bedroom #2


stairs to 2nd floor


kitchen, view from front hall doorway


kitchen, view from side door

Please excuse the mess that is the kitchen- it is functioning as our command central, so all the tools and various supplies are scattered all over.


kitchen looking into living space


dinette area of kitchen


living area


view of kitchen from living area


living room, back door to yard


powder room


view from top of stairs, into master & bath


main bath. still needs new light fixture ( the one we had walked off) and the mirror hung.


master bedroom


master, side view

When the spaces are all tidy and clean, I really like the look of the place. I think the colours are great, and we did a pretty good job choosing  all the ‘permanent'” fixtures. I like to think/ hope that this place will sell, and fast. There must be a ton of people, whether a young couple starting out, a young family, even parents looking for a student house for their kid to live in through university( since we live in a university town), that this would fit the bill for.  Who wouldn’t want a brand new, completely renovated house with an amazing kitchen, great bathrooms and adorable backyard? I would! And there’s nothing currently on the market that even comes close to this place at the price point we’re listing at. It’s gotta fly! ( Knock on wood!)

The next step is to get some furniture in here and stage the space. I want to show that the rooms have purpose and although some of them are smaller, they are perfectly usable and able to fit all of the necessary furniture. We’ve actually already got some furniture in, along with some artwork and accessories, but I haven’t snapped pictures of all that yet, so that  post will be up next! Stay tuned!