High Five for Friday!

collage1) Getting together with some girlfriends who go wayyy back… all the way to high school. That’s almost 10 years now folks. Womp womp- we’re getting old.  Photos from our senior year and after; prom, musical performances, senior class trip, and student council. This get together is especially exciting, becasue although the majority of us see each other regularly, we have one girlfriend who is living in Kentucky, and she just got ENGAGED! So not only is it the first time seeing her in a  year or so, we get to celebrate the new ring on her finger as well!!

2) I found a $20 bill on the floor in Winners (Canadian TJ Maxx)  on Wednesday night while shopping for my mother-in-law’s birthday present. Awesome because I never find money out in public, especially not $20!  Bonus!

3) Manicure & pedicure in bright summer colours.

4) Amazing peanut butter pretzel brownies I made for last weekend.

5) I love summer… everything is in bloom and so pretty right now.

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