Identity Crisis


the irises in the garden at our renovated house

Its kind of a funny thing, this blogging. Especially because, really, thinking up things to write about on the daily can get tricky when you’ve set out a blog to be about a specific thing, i.e. a renovation of a house, but  said reno is now finished. Which is what I originally created this blog for, to follow the massive undertaking that was the full-blown renovation of our second house.  And up until recently, that was what it was about- all about.  But now, for all intents and purposes, the renovation is over, and the house is up for sale. And we’re not living there, we never have, so we rarely even go over.  Of course there are still a few more stories concerning that, but in terms of daily updates or content, there really isn’t much specifically concerning that venture. So that leads me to a bit of an impasse with this here blog. Without a doubt, there will be more renovations in our future, because apparently that’s what Jon and I get off on. But until we find our next project, and in the interest of keeping this thing alive, because some people do read it, I think I will start posting more lifestyley-type things, more from our daily life and adventures, pup Molly, food ( Jon and I are quite the foodies and cooks, a product of working in the restaurant industry for a long time!), etc. and see how things go. The little that I have been posting around here lately in this vein has gotten a pretty good reception. So you’ll see a few changes around these parts. I hope you like it, and will continue to come back and read, and please, feel free to comment when I post things you’d like to see more of, and I will do my best to appease. Thanks for bearing with me through this little identity crisis of this blog, and thanks for reading!

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