Unintentionally MIA

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This is Molly. This is how Molly looks when she knows she’s done something bad, like pooping in the house. She does it as soon as she sees us, before we even figure out she’s done something, so she gives herself away every time.

My point is, this is how I feel about the hiatus I unintentionally took from blogging. I didn’t plan to take almost a month off, but with moving, and just generally enjoying life and summer, combined with reaching my max space allotment with my free WordPress platform,  it just kinda happened. I’m in the midst of transferring to a self-hosted WordPress site, and should be up and running shortly, so my apologies if the site is down for a bit. But the good news is that I’ve been collecting some good content and projects that are just dying to be blogged about, so lots of good stuff will be coming. Thanks for sticking around!

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