Hello world!

Hello! Thanks for visiting our blog about the BIG renovation of a Little house!  If you know us, and have stopped by because we’ve been telling everyone we know about how we started a blog, then you already know a bit of the back-story, but if not, and you just stumbled upon our blog, here’s a bit of background on this crazy venture of ours.

My husband Jon and I recently purchased a circa-1880 1000 sq ft, 2 bed 1 bath house that we plan to gut and entirely re-imagine. We have done this once before already; I will post as much as I can on our first little house reno, but unfortunately we did not have the foresight to take many pictures and document that journey as we should have, cuz it was a real learning experience for both of us!  But it has brought us here, to this second house that is a whopping  130 years old and in need of a bit of TLC.

Here are the pictures of our Little House from the real estate listing…

This is our House from the outside:


It’s a cute little place, and ticked all the boxes we had on our house-hunting list: an old house with character, in need of some work, in a great location close to downtown, and cheap enough that we could put some money into it and get a decent return( fingers crossed). It also has its own cute backyard for Molly with a little patio area and shed:

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 Molly, BTW, is our 2.5 year old 8.5 lb Chihuahua, pretty much the love of our and everyone -who-meets-her life. more on her later.


how can you not love that face?!?!

So from the outside the house doesn’t look too bad, and is actually in pretty good shape; the siding is fairly new, and the roof is one of those metal ones that will last forever… so from the outside, all is good. which is helpful, cuz the inside, not so much.  But that not to say the inside was terrible; there was a young family that was living here before selling it to us, and they seemed quite happy there and it didn’t look terrible when we viewed it originally and wasn’t listed as a fixer-upper or anything. if i recall correctly, the real estate listing ad described it as a “beautifully decorated character home”. which i guess is a subjective description depending on your definition of those words.

so this is what the house looked like when we viewed it, prior to purchase:

Living room:


(what they were calling the) Dining Room:






Master Bedroom:


Bedroom #2:


Most of the earthy tones this house was painted were not my cup of tea, and neither was all the golden pine everywhere- floors, trim, all over the place. But to each their own. It was cute, but the whole thing had a bit of a shabby feel to it; it actually photographs WAY better than it looks in person. Jon and i had looked at a ton of houses,none of which were ever quite the fight fit for us prior to deciding on this one.  We had put offers in on a few places, even new-ish ones, but they never worked out for one reason or another; usually because we wanted the property for much less than the owners were willing to sell for. but it all worked out in the end!

Next up: the “Before” pictures of the house, after we took posession!