Scenes from the weekend

This weekend was busy, filled with family and friends. We basically BBQ-hopped our way around town(s). It started with dinner to celebrate the engagement of a friend who now lives in Kentucky, and finished with a few rounds of ping pong at Spin that got quite competitive942560_10100364823564330_62329269_n IMG00311-20130614-2253

The newly engaged couple teaming up!

The newly engaged couple teaming up!

DSC02841 DSC02845


Saturday we bbq-hopped from a family pool party/ father’s day celebration with Jons side of the fam to a friends brithday



IMG_2006 IMG_2009 IMG_2008 IMG_2017 IMG_2013 IMG_2020 IMG_2019- e

Happy Birthday Uzi!

Happy Birthday Uzi!

Sunday was also filled with family- seeing my grandparents, then bbq-d dinner at my folks place for Fathers day. I didn’t take any pictures that day except of the dog, and we didn’t get to spend the day with Jon’s dad or step-dad, so wedding ones will have to suffice for the humans:



IMG_2028 JJ-478 (1) JJ-343JJ-374 JJ-359Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing fathers, grandfathers, and father-figures in our lives! We sure are lucky to have you all! ♥

And to you, my sweet… one day! ( he’s pretty cute, eh?)

IMG_2012-eHope you had a wonderful Father’s day weekend!

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