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IMG_1936I was recently invited to an event called “Inside Out: An evening of  outdoor inspiration with Lynn Spence” put on by Wicker Emporium.When I received the invitation, which came through by blog’s email address, I had no idea what Wicker Emporium was. But since the event was headlined by Lynn Spence,  I was intrigued. I grew up watching CityLine with my mom and grandmother, and will still watch it when I’m home on weekdays ( which seems to be never these days…le sigh). I was excited about getting the chance to meet Lynn and hear her give a design & decorating talk in person, and I invited my mother to come with me, because I knew she would be too. The talk Lynn gave was all on decorating your outside space, and bringing elements from inside, outside.

The event was held at Wicker Emporium’s Heartland  location in Mississauga. It was my first time into one of their stores, and I have to say, I was very surprised and quite taken with the store ( this is not a sponsored post, by the way… just my review of the event. But they did provide wine and canapés…).  The first thing that I really liked about the store is that it is a Canadian brand, from the East coast of Canada, and still owned by the family that started it.  But what really got me was not only the design and style of the pieces they sold, but that everything was extremely reasonably priced. Like, Ikea prices for much better quality furniture.  Even I, the queen of thrifting furniture,  can get behind that.

As you can imagine, a store with the word “wicker’  in the name, did carry some wicker  and rattan furniture, but their inventory was more a mix of exotic, beautiful woods like teak, acacia,and  rosewood. They also had beautiful bright textiles, linen and leather armchairs, and all manner of home and decor items. So enough of my jabber, and onto the photos of some of my favorite pieces and the event:


Beautiful kitchen island


I want this bar for my backyard…


the store has a lot going on, so you do have to look as stuff is really packed in on top of each other…


LOVED all the nautical- themed decor!


wicker boxes and baskets for days…


beautiful teak table & BENCH!


one of my favorite vignettes in the store…


an amazing bar-height table in a beautiful solid wood


LOVED these wooden stools


each stool is unique, and that table’s pretty cool too


I want this desk badly…it was beautiful. I really think it would make me more productive…


a whole wall of pillows!


an amazing chair to curl up and read in


the wood grain of this table was exquisite., i think it was driftwood, if i recall correctly…


these chairs had incredible corset-like detailing on the back!

IMG_1930 IMG_1931 IMG_1953IMG_1945 IMG_1951

It was a nice little event, great to meet Lynn Spence in person- she really is the same as when she’s on TV!), and of course we didn’t walk away empty handed. I ended up purchasing these beautiful curtains for a song: IMG_1996 They are a lovey mint/ light turquoise, and 100% cotton.  Even though I didn’t know where I would put them ( as the house we own is up for sale…), I bought them anyway because the were $7.25 each for 1 panel. EACH! Down from $28.99 each! There were 4 left, and I knew that for that price, I would greatly regret it sometime in the future, decorating my future house, if I didn’t buy them, so I did. $32 for two sets of curtains.  Not bad, friends. Like I said, cheaper than Ikea.

We were also given little goody bags as we left, and both my mom’s and mine contained a set of 4 lovely seashell napkin rings:IMG_1995 IMG_1990

Very pretty, and I can;t wait to use them. Overall, I was really impressed with Wicker Emporium, and sad that I didn’t currently have a need for much, because of our house situation. But it is a place that I will definitely go back to when I am decorating a new space again, and somewhere I will recommend by friends go check out too!

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