Ice Cream Weekend

For the first time in a long time, Jon and I had a weekend with nothing, literally nothing, planned. There was no where we had to be, nothing we had to do, and no one we had to please except ourselves.

And we thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially the three times we got  ice cream.  Yes three times, every day this weekend… certainly a bit gluttonous of us.

The weather was rather uncooperative, sunny and rainy off and on all weekend. We mostly lazed around,  actually cooked -first weekend we didn’t eat out very much as well!-  watched movies and walked the dogs. We hit up open houses both Saturday and Sunday afternoons, but nothing really called to us (yes, we’re keeping our eyes open for our next house, even though our current one hasn’t sold yet. I know I haven’t really updated on that in a while, but I promise its coming- hopefully soon. It turned into a bit of a crap-tacular situation and its not time to share all the gory details of just yet).

Sunday afternoon in particular was lovely and relaxing. We hit up a few open houses, but noting special. So we decided to go for ice cream, for the third time. The first time, Friday night, we hit up Wendy’s for their new Frosty Waffle cone ( and no, this is not a sponsored Wendy’s post, like the handful of ones I’ve read lately). It was alright, but I felt that they could have loaded it up a bit- they only filled it to the top of the cone. Saturday afternoon we got McFlurries from McDonald’s- we had originally gone for their regular cones, but Jon was disappointed they only had vanilla soft-serve ( do they usually have chocolate? i don’t remember…) so we opted for McFlurries. Jon loved his, half of mine is still int he freezer- too much sugar.

But Sunday, we decided to go to  The Boathouse. It was the first time I’d been there, even though I’ve lived here for almost three years now and had always meant to go. It’s downtown right on the river, and actually used to be a boat house for a famous opera singer. Its been many things over the last 110+ years its been around, and now is  an ice cream shop, tea room, and rental hub for canoes and kayaks.  IMG-20130602-00473- e IMG-20130602-00474- e

The Boathouse is right next tot he Lawn Bowling Club and leads to the Covered Bridge ( very Bridges of Madison County– one of my favorite movies ever! ) . The bridge isn’t old, built in 1992 from plans from the 1800’s, but is one of only two like it in Ontario. Very charming. We got ice cream, and took a stroll over the bridge to the park beyond, running into some very cute baby geese on our way:

*All photos were taken with my close-to-death blackberry, my canon was at home, and my point-and-shoot was dead in my purse. so I apologize for the poor quality. Not even editing could save them, but it was such a lovely time I still wanted to share it.

raspberry cheesecake, watermelon sorbet, smarties, and some caramel concoction… yumm!

IMG-20130602-00480- e

baby geese! I was so surprised the momma didn’t chase me off, getting this close…

IMG-20130602-00485- eIMG-20130602-00491- e

IMG-20130602-00499- e

“This post and the one opposite were cut from a Willow tree that grew on this site”

IMG-20130602-00487- e

yes, there was actually a Mennonite family out for a stroll as well- there is quite a large Mennonite population in and around our city, and they are always the nicest people…

IMG-20130602-00488-eIMG-20130602-00489- e IMG-20130602-00490- e IMG-20130602-00493- e IMG-20130602-00494-e

A lovely weekend all round! What did you do this weekend?

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