Cottage Weekend

This past long cottage weekend was one for the…dogs. Mostly because they got heaps of attention and made a few new friends this weekend, which I think they were quite pleased with. The weekend was very relaxed, filled with good friends, refreshing beverages, some friendly competition, long naps, and new-found furry friends.

Saturday was beautiful


(We should really just go live here, who needs a job?)IMG_1809

spent lounging on the dock ( I know they love I posted this candid shot!)


with exceptionally potent sangria ( see that yellow juice jug above? the contents are most definitely not just  innocent juice), a card-wielding ‘mathemagician’ ,IMG_1836

and pups


love this one. wise old Molly…

IMG_1829IMG_1833 IMG_1831 IMG_1832

there was some rather uncouth sunscreen application


and lots of snuggles

IMG_1849 IMG_1840 IMG_1810

Sunday was cloudy and coolIMG_1873 IMG_1872 IMG_1871IMG_1874

and you know what happens when there’s no sun at the cottage…. beer pong & flip cup in the boat house (sadly there are no pictures of this- way to dangerous for the camera with that much beer!). An after shot of the boys- you can somewhat tell the damage from that. IMG_1868 And après-beer pong and flip cup, there was napping.IMG_1892And a few more shenanigans that weren’t captured digitally; probably best for all involved. Overall, not a bad weekend at all!


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