High five for Friday!

Happy Friday all! So glad the weekend is here… and it’s the first weekend in a long time where there are no- house related manual-labour-type things to do… although there will be some really stressful brain/ thinking/ anxiety- inducing ones to deal with.

Some of the best moments this week/ why I’m happy its Friday:


1) I alluded to this in yesterdays post, so spoiler alert- I found an amazeballs deal on some mid-century chairs at Value Village, and did a quick and dirty DIY re-upholstery on them that I’ll be sharing with you shortly.

2) The garden has begun to grow… I love spring when everything starts to come alive again! And when it happens all by itself and I don’t have to do anything…

3) A much-needed girls night planned with these lovelies tonight! Although it would be even more amazing if we were going to the cottage- but that will have wait for the may 2-4 weekend!

4) Although I haven’t posted about this yet on the blog, the house is actually finished and up for sale! Woot Woot! Stay tuned for that post next week with the final pictures of all the spaces!! We’re really happy with how it turned out!

5) Still super pumped about all my cheap & cheerful accessory finds!

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