Cheap & Cheerful

Last time I shared my dining room table score for $8 and the subsequent fling with black spray paint it prompted. What I didn’t share were the other things I picked up on my adventures that day.

The Salvation Army was a bust for furniture, but I did find a couple cute vases for .99 cents each:IMG_1651

Those vases kick-started the colour palette for the kitchen. Since the whole house is painted gray, and the kitchen cabinets are white with black countertops, it  meant we really needed to inject some colour. But on the flip side, I had a pretty neutral base to start with that almost any colours would work with. So  mint and turquoise it was, at least as a starting accent colour. Big surprise to anyone who sees my outfits on a daily basis, as I seem to have acquired an alarming amount of mint and turquoise clothing this spring. But emerald is the colour of the yearIMG_1650 The short vase has more of an opal/ pearl finish that picks up on the mint, just to add a bit of sparkle. I also liked the proportions of them together; one tall and skinny, the other short and squat. Interesting shapes are always something to look for along with colours; if you like the shape of something, but not the colour, more often than not, a quick coat of spray paint can give it a new life 😉


After the Salvation Army, I went to Goodwill, where I found the dining set. After sticking my big ‘SOLD’ sign on the table,  I continued to wander, and came across some dishes I thought were cute:

IMG_1644 IMG_1646 IMG_1645

I thought they would make a great little table setting:


However, when faced with the decision to actually buy them, I decided against it and put them all back. Even though they were all priced at $1.00. I just wasn’t sure about the yellow, because I didn’t have anything else that colour, and I was afraid of the “bumblebee” effect, since there was a lot of black going on in the house.  I had found  a cute little flower dish that matched the vases I had found earlier:IMG_1632 IMG_1630

and a few other things, so I was up at the cash, sans dishes, when I saw these:


It was a set of two, and I wasn’t sure what they were for, but I thought they were super cute, and at, again, $1/ piece, for $4 for the set, I couldn’t pass them up. Maybe soup & sandwich plates, or for coffee & pastry? The cups look like flowers, and the plates as well: IMG_1639 IMG_1635

So I grabbed them, and paid for them with the flower vase and other things. As I was paying, I thought better about putting back all those dishes, but didn’t want to be that person who leaves their stuff on the counter to go grab something else and holds up the line.  So after dropping my purchases in the car, I went right back  into the store, bee-lined it back to the dishes, and bought  the place settings as well.

I went home quite pleased with myself.  For the evening’s shopping, I had acquired a dining set for $8, three vases for .99 cents each, and effectively two bright and cheerful table settings for $10. Bringing my total for the evening to $21. No tax because the stores are both charities, too. Can’t argue with that. IMG_1674



The $8 table painted black and my finds of the day!

The next night I ventured to Value Village  just to see,  since I had already found the dining set I needed, thinking to look for a few more colourful accessories. I’m glad I did, because I hit the jackpot! But that’s another story for another day.

Have I persuaded you to start checking out second- hand stores for great finds? It’s a great way to find unique, interesting pieces for very little cost, and if you go in with an open mind, can really find some great things.  If not, just wait till you see what else I found, I may make you change your mind…


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