Setting the Stage

We have decided to sell the house, as I mentioned previously, and so with that comes the need for the house to look its absolute best for sale. Which means staging with furniture and accessories, because especially given the size of the smaller bedrooms, I felt it was super important to show that yes, the space can be used, and used well. However, we sold the majority of our furniture with out first house; we didn’t sell it furnished, but the buyer asked after the deal was made if we would consider selling the furniture, as he didn’t have a lot and the pieces fit the spaces really well. Since a lot of the furniture was second hand, and borrowed from family members who didn’t want it back,  we sold the couch and armchair, TV console, side tables, lamps, rug, dining set and bar hutch, bedroom suite minus the bed, among other smaller things. So really, we don’t own a lot of furniture at the moment; we were left with our bed, and a few pieces that were family heirlooms or that I loved and didn’t want to part with.

So that made the prospect of ‘staging’ our house for sale a bit tricky with the lack of furniture, and this late in the reno game, we did not have the funds to go out and buy a whole houses’ worth of furniture. Especially because we would be buying things to fit specific spaces. We don’t know for sure where we will be next ( although there’s a potential we love!) so I wasn’t wanting to buy a bunch of furniture that potentially wouldn’t work in another house.

Enter our superhero real estate agent Quentin ( he’s seriously fantastic. If you’re selling in the Guelph area, call him up! He’ll get it done and he’s hilarious to boot). He referred me to his stager, who didn’t have furniture to rent out, but referred me to a store called Easy Home.  It is mostly one of those least- to- own furniture places, but they also do short term rentals. I’m  not sure how I would feel about it if I was in a position where I needed to do the rent- to – own thing, because they charge a 29.9% yearly interest rate, which is brutal. But the weekly rates are cheap. So I’m not really in a position to comment on that service, but for what i needed them for, it was great. I was able to rent furniture for three bedrooms for a month for cheaper than I would have purchased almost any single large piece  new for, and they delivered it, set it up, and will be back to pick it up at the end of the month. And their customer service was pretty great; there were a few pieces a chose that ended up too big and didn’t want, so I went back the day after they were delivered  they found a replacement that worked great, and came and picked up the pieces I didn’t want a couple days later, no questions asked. Boom. Done. House furnished. Painlessly.

Here are the rooms with the bare bones of the furniture, as delivered by the rental company. Needless to say,there will be bedding, accessories, etc. added, but it’s certainly a good start!





smallest bedroom


at least the mattress is new…


2nd bedroom



Living Room


IMG_1282 IMG_1283This white dresser was part of the set I rented for the master, but was so huge there was no way it would fit up there- I knew going in I would put it in the living room as a TV console.  But the couch I chose, which seemed normal in the store, was absolutely massive in our house.  And having the two pieces in the same room together was horrible. It was too full, useless, and very awkward. No good layout for furniture of these proportions in a room that has only 3 walls with 2 doorways at either end. So they both had to go.  Jon was adamant that there we should just leave the space empty. I disagreed, and felt that it would be detrimental to leave it empty- I felt that leaving it empty would just scream “I’M TOO SMALL AND AWKWARD TO DO ANYTHING WITH”. And I’m nothing if not stubborn, and have watched an infinite amount of HGTV design shows, so I knew there was a way to make the space work. But how? I did figure it out, and wow, but that’s another story for another day.

What thinks you of renting furniture? Honest opinions here, people.


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