Mom, are we done yet???


( say that in a really whiny high- pitched Chihuahua voice)

Almost, kids. I don’t want to be here any more than you do.

We had a few taggers-on this weekend to help us finish up the house- our pup Molly ( black & white one) and Amlyn ( Jon’s mum’s dog, also Molly’s dog-mom). Can you tell how impressed they were to have to hang out at an empty house with no treats all weekend?  Our furnace also decided to die on us, awesome- just as we’re finishing up this reno, it has to go and give up now, it couldn’t have waited just a bit longer, right?? So add one more thing to the list we thought was getting shorter… Jon says the pilot light went out, so maybe it will be an easy fix. Fingers crossed.

We spent the weekend finishing up a few things, fighting with the washing machine, and generally cleaning up the messes trades guys left us once again. Thursday evening I went to the house, to make sure the electrician had done everything he was supposed to do, and was greeted with this:


Apparently he ‘lost’ an outlet and had to go hunting through three feet of drywall to find it. Way to go Hot Karl ( as our electrician is known), drill a million holes looking for it,  cut it out,  then drill it back in unevenly. Awesomesauce.  Just what I wanted to do, plaster a hugeee patch of drywall.  It took me two days and two layers of plaster, to end up with this:


It’s not perfect, but it’ll do. It’ll have to, cuz I have absolutely no further desire to redo it. The paint was still a bit wet here, an the bottom cuts would be covered by the baseboard ( really glad I realized that before i tried to fix all that too!)

The other fun thing we did was try to wrestle a thousand pound ( not really, but felt like it) stackable washing machine & dryer unit into a cupboard that was apparently built too small for it. Double awesome. Triple awesome is that this cabinet was already re-made once, because the first one’s dimensions were so off, I have no idea where the cabinetmaker got them. The height and width were fine, but the depth was about an inch or so short, making the doors impossible to put on and close over top. And since this is right in the kitchen, beside the sparkly new stainless steel fridge, the older kinda-white- kinda scratched stackable unit we got of kijiji looks like Amy Farrah Fowler next to Penny. So here was Jon, hacking out the drywall and pushing the lines as far back into the wall/ insulation as they would go, in a futile effort to get the machine to fit:


It still managed to thwart us by about a quarter of an inch, so we’ll have to build out the cabinet a bit. And the whole time, Molly and Amlyn looked like being there was torture. I asked them how much they thought I wanted to be there, painting trim and wrestling appliances, but this was all I got from them:

IMG_1193They should just be happy I didn’t make them paint or fill all the nail hole in a thousand feet of trip with Dap. And feel lucky they’re so cute.

On the upside of things, our internet kicked out on Friday afternoon at work, and we were told it would be out for an hour, so we took the opportunity to visit Glory Hole Doughnuts. Abdominal name, I know, but amazing doughnuts- if you haven’t been, you should go!


IMG_1187 IMG_1188Moral of this story: amazing doughnuts and cute pups make bullsh*t house finishing slightly more bearable.

Over and out.




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