Just keep swimming…

The more things get finished up, the more and more excited Jon and I get about this house. Its awesome to really start to see things coming together and starting to actually feel like a proper house. When we stopped in last night, the stairs had been carpeted, and they looked great! They did a great job installing ,and the carpet color works pretty well with everything else that’s been chosen. It just finished the space off, and totally transforms the look of the stairs:

IMG_1106before they looked like this:

IMG-20130319-00352Massive difference. much more acceptable now 😉

The pocket doors, bathroom doors and closet doors were all installed. Its amazing what doors do to make a space feel finished and useful:

IMG_1110 IMG_1105 IMG_1103 IMG_1104Our genius contractors have also finished off the step down into the living room and the trap door to the basement beautifully. Before it was this ugly cement thing,that got marginally better with lumber, but when we laid the laminate the edges were all jagged. We had no idea what to do with it, so luckily our contractors are brilliant and can make anything look great! We are never telling anyone their names or giving out their number!


A corner of the step and trap door before

And now- TA-DA! The step was covered with the floor laminate and they used metal corner/ edge stuff ( no idea what its called) to make everything all neat and contained . They finished the trap door with the same flooring laminate and metal edge stuff, and added a cool  handle that is kind of nautical…but the pièce de résistance is that they  turned the trap door into two separate sections, so now it doesn’t take Hercules to lift it up, and makes it much easier to access. These guys are so clever! I’m running out of adjectives to describe them. Although  I should have moved their tool belts to really capture the essence of their ingenuity:



A lot of the trim work has been done, although there is still quite a bit to do:

So, from the list from Monday, let’s see how we did, shall we?

  • the bathrooms have been tiled, they just need to be grouted & sealed.
  • Trim needs to be added everywhere.
  • Kitchen needs to be finished ( most of the cupboards and counter-top have been installed).
  • Unpack and put new appliances in place .
  • All plumbing has to be finished and fixtures added ( toilets, faucets, etc.)
  • figure out some way to finish the stairs ( we were going to do carpet, but cant  get anything installed for 10-14 days, which doesn’t work for us. if anyone has a good plan B idea, let’s hear it!)
  • final day of electrical work
  • Figure out a way to finish the step from kitchen down to living room
  • finish off the trapdoor & add handle
  • install interior doors
  • install small things like mirrors in bathroom, mailbox, new door handles & locks
  • paint exterior doors and install new windows in them
  • final city inspection
  • and probably a million other things we’re overlooking, but all to be followed by a massive cleaning sesh to get rid of all that plaster dust!

Soo… not so great. But it was a pretty ambitious list… We ( and by we,i mean all our contractors and tradesmen) will just keep plugging away at it. Anyone want to start taking best on move- in dates?


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