Not quite there… but we have a throne!

Ermgh. I’m starting to feel like a broken record. our house won’t be quite ready for this weekend. But things are happening, slow-and-steady-like.

Carpet is being installed on the stairs today- our contractor has a cousin who knows a guy… blah blah blah. We only had two choices of color, but he could do it next-day for super cheap, so we closed our eyes and pointed. This is what it came up as :


at least its neutral…

The powder room has the toilet and vanity installed!  I was never a huge fan of the wood grain, but we got it so cheap we couldn’t pass it up. I think it deserves a coat of white paint 😉 Now just for a faucet, mirror and some trim, and this baby’s done!


the throne…


The upstairs bathroom’s vanity has been installed, counter top cut out for the sinks, and just the plumbing has to go in:

IMG_1093 IMG_1094

New window cutouts in all the exterior doors- 1/3 are done, but they will all look like this and all get a coat of white paint and new handles :


A fair amount of trim work has been done- we went with just about the tallest baseboards they have to keep with the age of the house (even thought there was no original trim anywhere) and hefty window/ door casing as well:



loving the look of the wood flooring, the soft grey paint and the crisp white all together ♥

IMG_1090 IMG_1098

And the pretty new interior doors have arrived:



And the kitchen guy was finishing up as well- he may still have to come back one more evening to finalize everything, but the kitchen is looking pretty good:



Slow and steady wins the race, right? What do you think of our design choices so far?


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