Home Stretch

We’re almost there people! We’re into the home stretch! We are hoping, praying,  longing, yearning, wishing, demanding, that the house is finished this week. And things are looking promising, our contractor has promised us it will be finished for Friday.

To be completed before Friday:

  • the bathrooms have been tiled, they just need to be grouted & sealed.
  • Trim needs to be added everywhere.
  • Kitchen needs to be finished ( most of the cupboards and counter-top have been installed).
  • Unpack and put new appliances in place .
  • All plumbing has to be finished and fixtures added ( toilets, faucets, etc.)
  • figure out some way to finish the stairs ( we were going to do carpet, but cant  get anything installed for 10-14 days, which doesn’t work for us. if anyone has a good plan B idea, let’s hear it!)
  • final day of electrical work
  • Figure out a way to finish the step from kitchen down to living room
  • finish off the trapdoor & add handle
  • install interior doors
  • install small things like mirrors in bathroom, mailbox, new door handles & locks
  • paint exterior doors and install new windows in them
  • final city inspection
  • and probably a million other things we’re overlooking, but all to be followed by a massive cleaning sesh to get rid of all that plaster dust!

recent pics:

bathroom: tiled, vanity half-way installed, close up of tile, and the vessel sinks we bought:

IMG_1045 IMG_1044 IMG_1075 IMG_1019 IMG_0995Kitchen: instillation almost complete, most cabinets and counter-top in:

IMG_1071 IMG_1073 IMG_1078a good haul of all the light fixtures and other miscellaneous stuff to be completed:

IMG_0984 IMG_0993New light fixtures installed:

IMG_1023 IMG_1025


New stainless steel appliances( stove and dishwasher still in boxes):


Wish us luck on accomplishing our crazy to-do list this week!





6 thoughts on “Home Stretch

    • I would love for them to look like that! However, that’s a ton of work and they look terrible right now, so I think we’ll be going with carpet 🙂

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