Laying flooring hungover, and the start of a kitchen!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a kitchen! Or at least the beginnings of one! ( insert happy dance here).

That was the good news early Sunday morning- The bad news was that when the cabinet maker showed up to install the cabinets, he looked down at the subfloor and said ” where the floor?”

We explained that our contractor was going to lay the flooring after the cabinets were in. “That no work” he said in his south-Indian accent. “The kicks, dey have to go over the floor, or they no work”.

I looked at Jon, and though “F! Guess that means we’re laying flooring this morning.” The last time we laid laminate flooring together, int he kitchen at our old house, we almost killed each other. That Sunday, I happened to be starving, because we hadn’t had time to grab breakfast before meeting the cabinet maker at our house, and we were both *slightly* hung over from the Murder Mystery evening we had attended the night before.( 1920’s gangster theme, I won best costume!)

Luckily, the cabinet maker had to back to his shop for a second load of all the cabinets, so we had some time for the flooring. We were able to grab a quick bite first, as I had told Jon, deadly serious,  “I am way too hungry to attempt this right now without killing you” . Them we got to work, laying the flooring. We only had to do about two thirds of the kitchen, as it really only had to be laid under where the cabinets would be. But still, that stuff is always frustrating as sh*t. But we got it done:



In the photo above you can see the beginnings of the kitchen cabinets! They look amazing and the cabinet maker did an amazing job on them. He got about half of the cabinets installed on Sunday, and will be coming back Thursday and Friday to install the uppers, countertop, and the vanity for the upstairs bathroom he is also making. Some cabinet instillation action/ progress shots:


IMG_0982 IMG_0989 IMG_0992 IMG_0990


shaker-style detailing


close up of island. pot drawers galore!

Jon and I were super impressed with the quality of the cabinets and workmanship that went into them. When we initially discussed the kitchen, we had settled on MDF for everything, but he ended up doing the cabinet doors and all the drawers in solid wood, which is a hugeee bonus! You can tell by looking inside the drawers that they’re real wood and obviously of a better quality than your standard Ikea or Home Depot kitchen. We are super excited to see how this kitchen turns out, if it lives up to our first impressions of it, it is going to be so amazing we will be fighting over who gets to make dinner!

Check back in soon to see how the progress unfolds! Electrician is in tomorrow to install all the light fixtures and pot-lights  so we’ll have more light than just a work light to see by! Things are FINALLY happening!!!


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