All primed and raring to go!


Yes, I’m talking about paint.

Because we have bit of a Murphy’s Law thing happening lately at the house, our kitchen didn’t go in last Sunday like it was supposed to- our cabinet maker said he just didn’t have it finished up. I can’t even say I’m that upset about it- I mean, I am, because it’s yet another delay, but at the same time, I know the poor guy is doing it during his nights and weekends, so I can’t fault him for still wanting to sleep or see his family. And he is giving us a crazy-good deal on a custom kitchen. So not as much whining about it as there would be  if it had been Home Depot late to the party.

So the delay in the kitchen going in actually worked out okay, as it gave our contractors the opportunity to prime the new drywall and paint before the kitchen goes in. Which isn’t strictly necessary, but just makes things a bit easier, and means no paint on new white cabinets! Its really nice to see the space starting to look like rooms you could actually inhabit!





kitchen/ living room. Smile sweetheart!



bedroom 2/ family room



bedroom 3/ den



front hallway- can’t WAIT to get rid of that gawd-awful pea green!

We chose paint colors this weekend- this is often one area that Jon and I usually have a massive almost-resulting-in-death-or-divorce argument about,  mostly because we have very different…taste. We managed not to kill each other during this particular venture, which was a major feat considering we were both feeling a little off on Sunday from our indulgence the evening before. We had, prior to going in, decided we were going to go with gray, and a “rich, but not dark” gray. If such a thing happened to exist. Because we also have differing interpretations of  rich and dark.

We id manage to decide on a paint color without strangling each other, although it wan’t quite a walk in the park. We choose Behr’s Cathedral Gray for the majority of the house ( we had decided to paint almost the whole main floor the same color, because the house is small, for continuity):


We chose a lighter gray for the hallways and smaller bathrooms to make them feel a bit bigger. The winner of the lighter gray was Silver Sky:


And finally, Ultra Pure White for all the ceilings, doors, and trim work. ( the lighting doesn’t seem to do justice to the paint chips, my apologies):


And success! We picked paint colors without divorce ensuing! Our lovely paint pallet:


Fingers crossed it looks good up on the walls, so we don’t have to re-live that experience again anytime soon! Painting starts tomorrow, so check back in soon to see how it goes!


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