The good, the bad, and the pretty

So some good news, some bad news on the kitchen… first the bad. We’ll get it over like pulling off a band-aid.

The bad news is that the Corian counter-top colour we had picked out is back-ordered. It had been a dark grey with flecks of white black and shiny:

Dorado VB24

Sad day, because I really liked this colour.

The good news was that we were able to go back to our kitchen- maker, and he gave us a selection of colours that he knows are in stock. We ended up picking a darker, black option with whiteish flecks:


The Kitchen will be pure white, shaker style, like this:

shaker doors

So it will still look great and be high-contrast.  The floors, as I talked about in this post will be a medium wood laminate. And I’ve picked out a backsplash I love that will go beautifully, a white carrara marble hexagon tile.  Since we actually have a very small space to tile for the backsplash, I feel ok  choosing a more luxurious material:

backsplash tilepretty, eh?

When we were at the cabinet- makers shop picking new countertop colours, he showed us our kitchen! More good news- he had all the bases of the cabinets made and in their configuration, all the inserts for the drawers and all the doors made, and everything looked amazing! [ I really wanted to take pictures, but Jon wouldn’t let me 😦 ]. All he had left to do was sand down and paint the cabinet doors, and then come install it! Bonus that it’s pretty much done, and will be installed on Sunday. Even bigger bonus was that he had made the doors and inserts all out of solid wood- we had talked about doing everything in MDF, so that’s awesome that its solid wood as long as he doesn’t charge us more for it. But since he’s doing it as a side job, we had already agreed on a cash price, so that should just be that. [insert happy dance here]

He is also making us the vanity for the upstairs bathroom as part of the project, and basically throwing it in for free. However, he said there would not be enough of the Corian sheet we purchased for the kitchen ( which is about $1500) to make the countertop for the bathroom as well- bad news. however, he did have some leftovers from another project that he would charge us $100 for. It was a creamy white with flecks of pure white and grey, very similar to this:


So the good news is that our bathroom vanity is basically costing us $100 for a custom-made vanity.We were planning on doing the floors in both washrooms in large black 24 x 24 floor tiles that we’ve found for pretty cheap at Rona:

floor tiles

and using a white 12 x 24 tile we’ve found at home depot for the tub surround and walls in the bathroom. Its a bit hard to tell from the colouring of the photo, but they’re a pretty stark white with a bit of a grey line running through:


So we have got all the basics of both the kitchen under control, and hopefully it will all just go together perfectly when its done. (I’m crossing my fingers about the bathroom countertop, just because its a bit creamier then I would have liked- but hopefully it will work out).

And now we wait some more- for the contractors to finish the drywalling and start on the flooring, for the kitchen and bathrooms to be installed… and we still have a good chunk of shopping to do… and then maybe we’ll be able to move into our house before Easter… maybe.


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