Let there be light… and a trapdoor cover… and pocket doors!

Things are  really humming along at the house- we’re pretty much at the point where we ( and by “we” I mean the contractors) get to start hanging drywall and closing up all the ugly guts of the house. And then we get to make it pretty! Can’t wait for that.

So by now, the electrical is as complete as it can be before the drywall is up and the finishing touches can be done. All the potlights are wired in, as well as all the outlets:

IMG_0337 IMG_0338 IMG_0341The stairs to the basement have also been properly taken care of, and a trap door made for them. If you remember, originally, this is what they looked like:

DSC02562Got demo’d down to this:

DSC02647And now look like this! No more crazy side ramps or uneven space:

IMG_0199And the ( almost) finished product! ( sorry about the blur!)

IMG_0220Our plan is to finish the trapdoor in the same material as the floor, so it blends in seamlessly, and add an invisible handle or pull of some sort. Then the room actually becomes usable, and there’s not a large, dangerous hole in the middle of the room.  YAY for increased usable space!

And the pocket doors for the two downstairs bedrooms/ family room and den are  almost ready to go as well:


IMG_0342We decided on pocket doors,because basically there’s very little room in the hallway, and that way we wont have doors flying allover the place. We’ll also be able to leave the doors open to let light from all the front windows in and make the space seem like one large space rather than smaller rooms. But we also are able to call them bedrooms for resale value.

Now we’re just waiting on the HVAC guy to come and run some new duct-work  as well as giving our existing furnace and ducts a good cleaning.  We decided to keep the existing furnace, because hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But since there were no heating ducts running up to the second floor ( say wha?? SECOND house we had no head on the upper level! bizarre!) we decided to run some ducts up there as well as beefing up the vents throughout the whole house.  The HVAC is supposed to be going in tomorrow, and it better, because the guy who is doing it is on very thin ice with us right now. He was more than an hour late for the first walk-through to give us a quote, so Jon cancelled it and we were planning to write him off. That is, until he called Jon and basically begged him to let him do the job and said he’d give us a great deal. Fine. So he went and did the walk-through, but then it took him almost a week to get us the quote, despite the fact that Jon told him we needed it done ASAP. We were once again ready to find someone else, because by now, nothing has been done on the house for many more days then we would have liked, and we’re just losing time. But it was still easier to let him do it that start the dance over again with someone else, so tomorrow it is, better be, come hell or high water!


One thought on “Let there be light… and a trapdoor cover… and pocket doors!

  1. Looking good guys!! Love the basement “secret door” and the pocket doors are a perfect solution! You have gotten a ton done! I am thinking ‘t.v. series’ for the next one? perhaps a call into HGTV is in order?

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