Adventures in Ikealand, part 1

Jon and I decided to go to Ikea on Saturday to get a quote for our kitchen, as well as look at all the other fun stuff Ikea has.

First, this happened:


Yes, three meals between two of us… we were starving, and couldn’t decide what we wanted, so we got a bit of everything. Jon stopped my reach into the dessert display though, with “you know those are put out there for people like you, right?” So I didn’t take any. LOL.

After we each consumed a ridiculous amount of calories, we headed over to the Kitchen section. Then spent a good couple  hours trying to configure a kitchen on their incredibly slow computers. With annoying employees whose attention you would finally grab after needing to ask a question for 15 minutes, only to have them pop away after 30 seconds! A very frustrating experience indeed. Especially when I realized that the program they use in store is the same one on their website, no better or different, so we really could have done the whole thing comfortably at home and then gone into the store when we were ready to order.  I finally said to one girl, “can you please come and help us for more than 30 seconds, we have some questions and need some help with this, and actually need to order a kitchen, we’re not just screwing around on the computers like everyone else!” ( I was probably kind OF bitchy to her, but we had been at it for almost two hours by then, and our feet and backs we’re killing b/c you have to do the whole computer thing standing up, and I was sick of trying to track employees down to help us ) to which she replied “have you  been put on the customer service list?”   “No!” I said, “No one told us anything about any list we needed to be on!” Essentially she gave me a beeper thing that would light  up when someone was available to give us their undivided attention. Luckily it only took about 5 mins for the thing to beep at us, and we had the undivided attention of a very nice and helpful employee. He helped us to make sure we had all the right pieces, sizes, clearances, etc.  And redeemed his place of employment for us, as we were about ready to leave and buy our kitchen elsewhere.

This is the final rendering of our kitchen, looking in from the side door entrance:

ikea 4



View from the front door/ den/ family room:

Ikea 2


The empty grey wall above the lower cabinets will actually be open to the living room beyond it, hence why there’s no cabinets above the counter.  The Ikea kitchen planner has a harder time with detailed architectural elements.

The view from the living room ( here it shows how the wall will be open):

ikea 3


and a floor plan of the layout:

ikea floorplan words


Not such a bad layout; there’s plenty of cupboard space and storage, and hopefully we’ll have room for a small dining table and chairs, as we don’t really have a dedicated dining room. And the laundry will actually be stackables hidden in a big cupboard in the kitchen, as we demo’ed what used to be the laundry area to add the powder room, and I really didn’t want to put the laundry in the low- ceilinged cellar of a basement ( we had that in our old house, and guess who got stuck doing all the laundry cuz she was shorter?). I’d much rather have it accessible on the main floor. We saw under- counter laundry in a kitchen of another older house we looked at, and it seemed to be a great idea. This way,  the laundry is right at the bottom the the stairs, so you can just throw the laundry over the banister and chuck it straight into the wash. boom. done.

Now the question is whether we will actually order it from Ikea; Jon has some mill-work buddies who he thinks can build the kitchen for less than the Ikea quote- so we’ll see if that comes through. Either way, the cupboards will be white, probably a flat plain door if we get the Ikea kitchen, but maybe a Shaker-style door if we get it done by a millwork company ( which would honestly probably look nicer). An then we’ll do probably darker countertops, black or dark grey, maybe in a solid surface or high-end laminate- but we have to wait to get a quote on that until we know who’s doing our cabinets.  I’ll keep you updated on our choices.

Th one good thing is that now Ikea sells appliances, in a range of price-points, and they are mostly made by Whirlpool. So even if we end up having the kitchen done by a mill-work company, we will still probably buy the appliances from Ikea because the are so reasonably priced! Ikea is good for so many things… more to come!


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