tossed out with the trash

Very Sad Day.

Jon and I had big plans for these guys:



These are boards salvaged from the wall that we took down between the kitchen and living room. Dave took special care to keep them as long as he could when he was removing the wall. They are from the original section of the house, which makes them about 130 years old. We had big plans to run them through a plainer (sp?)  and beautify them with some oil or stain, and make them into some shelves. So they would look something like this:

Now we come to the sad part… when the contractors were framing the house, the sunroom got to looking like this:


and sadly, these guys got all tangled up in it.  And thus got hauled away with the rest of the debris by the contractors 😦 . We had left them in the sunroom because at the time it was empty, not thinking to either a) move them somewhere safe before the contractors came or b) to tell the contractors they were special pieces of forever-old wood and not to toss them out

Jon came to this realization when we were sitting at dinner on Saturday night, and it was a huge disappointment for both of us. People go to tons of effort to find reclaimed wood that old to make into custom DIY- projects, and we had some amazing pieces that would have been a great piece to showcase the history of the house… and they ended up in the dump. waahhh.

Jon thinks there may be some that we can take off the wall, that aren’t really doing anything… so there may be hope yet for this project… will keep you posted. Any of you ever attempted a project like this? how did it turn out?


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