We’re being Framed!

The contractors have started working on our house! So exciting, because you can actually see things starting to come together! In two days, our amazing contractor-brothers leveled the floors in the old living/ dining room, and framed it into the two new bedrooms / family room and den they will become.  They also put a humongous header support beam through the ceiling to support the master bedroom & new bath upstairs, so all the squeaks and bounce are gone from both floors!

Support beams poured underneath the floor to support front bedrooms/ den & family room:


this patch = no more squeaks or bounce!

Framing for bedroom #2/ Family Room:


bedroom #2/ family room


Closet, bedroom #2


Doorway looking out into hallway and bedroom #3/ den


Jon in the new hallway


new support header in ceiling of main floor

It’s starting to really feel like things are happening now! Progress is being made, and things are being put back together! Even though we are dividing the space up into smaller spaces, they will be much more functional spaces, because the room was so awkward before and hard to use. Now with smaller, more defined spaces, not only have we upped the number of potential bedrooms for resale value, but we will also be able to make better use of the space  and furniture placement will be easier. And we’ve added TWO closets, which is a huge bonus in a house that had very very little storage space before. BOOYA!


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