A Few Surprises….

We’ve been really lucky with this reno: we haven’t been hit with any crazy change-all-your-plans or drain-your-wallet surprises during demolition. And now that we’re past demo and have started to put things back together, odds are things will be fairly smooth sailing from here on out in terms of coming across any nasty surprises.

There have been one or two though, and they are mostly funny. First was the sport –themed window coverings that you’ve seen before:



Then, when Jon ripped up the gross carpet in the sun room, we found the old coal chute- which in and of itself isn’t that surprising or interesting:

IMG_0056 IMG_0055 IMG_0052

What was interesting, however, was the choice to fill the chute with old shag carpeting:

IMG_0053 IMG_0054


And then, also funny, was the choice of subfloor in the bathroom; when Dave pulled up the tiles in the old bathroom, he found this had been used as sub floor:


Maybe not so funny, thinking about the integrity of the floor…but at least it’s gone now! LOL


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