The Trades are Coming!

For this house, we are having all the major work done by professionals, unlike our first house. This time round, we’re lucky that we have met & established relationships with some really great tradespeople; Hot Karl ( not sure where that nickname came from, but that was how he was referred to us) is our electrician, Chris ( also known as Corona Jersey) is a plumber who is doing the work at our place with one of his coworkers Kevin. Then there are the Brothers; Rob and his brother ___ who are carpenters by trade but can do pretty much anything and do a fantastic job of it, so they are taking care of the structural work that needs to be done, the floors, ceilings, walls, etc. then Jon and I will do a lot of the fixturing and finishing ourselves, cuz that’s the easiest part and we can handle that.

All the existing plumbing and electrical were ripped out last week and we are starting from scratch for it all. Chris and Kevin started on the plumbing and Hot Karl was there to do the first bit of electrical work, running the lines and such. Then he’ll have to wait till the walls are up to do the rest of the electrical work.  Chris and Kevin banged out the plumbing, which is quite the task, and we are adding a bathroom to the second floor, and changing the location of the main floor bath entirely. You can actually start to see it taking shape:

Chris the plumber

Chris the plumber

New water lines and plumbing for the master bath upstairs:



The plumbing in the new master bath:


view from the doorway- double vanity and bathtub plumbing


Double sink/ vanity


toilet ( black round ring on ground) and double vanity

Where the tub will be

Where the tub will be

New plumbing in the kitchen:


Where the stacked washer/ dryer will go, in a closet/ cupboard


Plumbing for the kitchen sink- don’t mind the old stove!

And the new main floor powder room:




toilet & new wall framing


Sink will be on the left side, at end of the broken-concrete trail

And new electrical going throughout the whole house, new breaker box, etc; most of the work will have to be done after there are more wall up:



Running new lines up from the basement

Its so nice to know that all the utilities will be brand new, up to code, exactly where we want them, and that there won’t be any problems with anything at all! Very unusual for a house that’s 130+ years old. Can’t wait!


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