Major Score at Rona!

DSC02696The Rona by my parents place is closing and relocating- which means they have been having a massive clear-out sale for the past few months. Jon and I went to check it out one evening on our way home from work, and couldn’t believe the deals! It’s one of those places where you can’t be looking for something really specific, ‘cause you’re not going to find it- you just have to know generally what you are looking for (i.e. a tub, wood flooring, a sink, etc.) and see if they have anything that would work for you. It’s easy for us to do it at this stage of the game, as none of the finishes have been purchased yet, so its a good jumping-off point. This Rona is not restocking, so it was just whatever is left, in whatever quantity is there, at super discounted prices.  We found enough flooring for the whole house in a finish we liked for super cheap,  an 8mm laminate flooring in a “Dark Walnut” wood tone that has a bit of red to it, but we didn’t have enough space in our car to take it with us. We decided to come back the next day with a truck and crossed our fingers it would still be there tomorrow. We ended up buying some pendant lights for the kitchen breakfast bar, and got this  custom-order shower set that has 10 jets that spray all over your body- originally a $1400 custom order for something like $80. Jon was super excited about it. Not sure if we will use it in this house, or keep it for out forever-house. Probably keep it for the forever- house.

We went back the next morning to pick up the flooring with Jon’s stepdad’s truck that he so kindly let us borrow, and ended up also getting a kitchen sink, a vanity and sink combo for the powder room, the bathtub for the master bath,  and a canopy for the backyard.

Vanity we got for the powder room, but in a lighter colour:


Tub we bought (currently residing in the master bedroom):


( that’s the back side of the tub, shouldv’e taken a pic from the opposite angle- the front has a really nice curve surround to it, but its a nice deep soaker tub :))




And the canopy for the backyard:

Sun ShelterGetting everything in the truck and the  ride back was a bit interesting:



Because it was so windy that day we ended up taking the back roads home because we were afraid the tub was gonna fly out and hit someone. But we made it to the house in on piece, and got all our spoils into the house safe and sound.

All told, we spent about $1025.

Price breakdown was as follows:

Pendant lights: originally $50 for 2, got for $12.50. bought 2 boxes for 4 lights total, $25.00

Tub: Originally $499, got for $125

Kitchen Sink:Originally $200, got for $99

Vanity: originally $149, got for $44

Canopy: originally $479, got for $120

Flooring, originally 33.28/ box, so would have cost $965.12+ tax, got it all for $13.20/ box, $382.80 total.

Considering all we got for  just over a grand, this was an out-of -this world deal! Thanks Rona!


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