Lay of the land

I’m sure the general state of the house makes it difficult to imagine the floor plan, so thanks to I was able to create floorplans for what the original layout was as well as what our plan is for the renovated space, which is quite different.

The main floor original floorplan:

Main Floor original Layout 2

and the second floor original floorplan:

2nd Floor original-layout

This is what our plan is for the renovated main floor:

main floor renovated 2

and for the second floor:

2nd Floor renovated-layout

As you can tell, we’ve rearranged the layout quite a bit. We are planning to move the existing bathroom on the main floor, and install a whole new ensuite upstairs for the master bedroom where the tiny second bedroom/ nursery used to be, turning the second floor into  a whole master escape. We will turn the poorly-used utility room space into the living room,add a powder room in the back corner and are taking down the wall between the living room and the kitchen so the whole space is open-concept. The the front room which had been the living/ dining space but was really awkward we will turn into two rooms which can be used as bedrooms if needed, or as a family room and a den. We’re hoping all these changes will up the resale value of the house as well as making better use of the space that is there 🙂


2 thoughts on “Lay of the land

  1. Wow! Amazing pictures- that does really help understanding what exactly it is that you are doing. So no utility room at all in the place? And maybe I missed this, but does this place have a basement?

  2. Thanks Nicole! You’re our first comment! 🙂 The place does have a basement, its where the furnace, hot water heater, electrical panel, etc all are, but it’s only about 5.5 feet height-wise, so really only good for the utilities and some storage- not really usable living space, and pretty common for a house of this age. We’re going to put the laundry in a closet on the main floor, so no dedicated room for it, but easier access to it than before.

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