Demo Day 2

After walking through the newly-demo’ed house with our contractor, he told us that the lath and plaster ceilings would have to go, along with some of the walls that had been quite damaged by our demo. He said the contractors could do them, but it would be a bit pricey because it was really dirty, messy work. Or we could just do them ourselves. So that’s what we decided to do. We asked one of my brothers, Brad, if he was interested in doing some demo work ( he’s a golf pro, and not working for a the last little while since the gold season ended until he goes down to Florida in Jan. to golf for  a few months- Tough life, eh?!) and if he had any friends who would also be interested. We told them it would be dirty work ,but offered a decent hourly wage. Brad agreed and said he had a buddy Dan who would come with him.  Jon was going to help as well, but I decided to opt out of this one, because it did get really messy really fast:

Brad and Dan going at the kitchen walls:


Jon starting on the ceilings:


more ceilings coming down in the living room:


This is about when I left, because there was so much plaster dust in the air my pictures started coming out like this:



and this was the aftermath:

DSC02662 DSC02661 DSC02657 DSC02663 DSC02664

Looks like fun work, eh? Pulling down strapping with long nails sticking out, plaster snow falling everywhere… by the time they finished the first day they all kinds looked like snowmen they were so covered! But Brad and Dan were great sports about it, they didn’t get it finished all in one day, so they went back the next to finish up and clean up. And they were awesome and really cleaned up super well, sweeping everything up so you couldn’t even tell how messy it had been! A huge thanks to Brad and Dan, as well as Jon for getting that messy work done with no complaints!


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