Demo Day!

Demo day was a ton of fun- a great way to get all your frustrations out! We had our buddy Dave come help us out for the day- Dave actually builds Eco-sustainable housing for a living and is a carpenter by trade, so we had someone who knew something about all of this, and Anita, who “just wanted to break sh*t”.

So the boys started in the back room; the ceiling coming down:


And the hideous purple paneling coming off ( why would you ever choose that colour?!?!)


And this is what it looked like when they were done:



I started on the stairs, pulling up all that gross carpeting. This is what they looked like before:


And after I was done with them :


Anita was a fantastic help carrying out all the debris into the carport, some of the stuff we hauled out:


Then Anita and I got to pulling down all the hideous ceiling tiles:


(there’s Anita’s backside, picking them all up after destroying the ceiling!)



Pulling down all the old ceiling tiles was EXTREMELY satisfying; I really hate nothing more that ceiling tiles. However, underneath more surprises were lying in wait; all the old lath and plaster ceilings that were really saggy and uneven. We figured we would get our contractors assessment on them though, before beginning the very messy job of pulling them out.

We then moved on the the kitchen demolition, which was super fun. This is when I started taking videos, simply because it was all so great! But  the still photos suffered for it, and I am unfortunately unable to upload them onto this blog at the moment 😦 . But i will try to get them up here, because they are hilarious and amazing!

Myself, having at ‘er at the backsplash ( sorry about the blur; obviously I didn’t take the picture!):


Dave ripping out the counter-top and sink:DSC02601



We found some beautiful old tile (uck!) hidden away behind the fridge space:


the bathroom with the fixtures pulled out:


but that lovely pebbled mirror still up:


Taking out the bathroom wall, under which we found the original wood planks that would have been used to build the house:


…and the boys ripping out the shower insert. This was quite the task, as it was huge and really bolted together and in there to stay…


but they managed to do it… ( and that’s our buddy Chris, who managed to show up in time for Pabsts and to haul out the shower)


And then, to our surprise  we found the shower insert had been covering a window! Who does that? and not only that, but their choice of  materials to cover up the window was HILARIOUS! We thought it was just white plasticky-cardboard stuff…


but when we took them down….

DSC02629 DSC02630

TOO FUNNY! Jon got a huge kick out of them, and wanted to keep them and frame them to hang up somewhere… but I veto’ed that idea. Although he did save them from the garbage and I think they’re still floating around somewhere. I’ll have to make sure they are properly disposed of!

So after we got all that ripped out and carried off, this is what was left; formerly the bathroom:

DSC02633 DSC02643

That vertical black pipe is where the old wall used to be between the bathroom and the kitchen that we took down… got some really funny video of myself egging  Jon on as he was trying to kick it down, and telling him he needed to be more manly about it all…LOL


and what used to be the Kitchen….



and Jon and Dave in the former kitchen, surveying their handiwork:


and what used to be the living room, although it didn’t get hurt as badly as some of the other rooms:


and all the debris that we pulled out of the house, and piled in the carport:

DSC02640 DSC02639 DSC02637


Quite a lot of crap, eh? Not bad for a day’s work…. having Dave and Anita there was a huge help, so a huge thanks to them, as otherwise, it would have taken Jon and I a ton more time to accomplish what we did that day and we probably would have killed each other in the process over something… so YAY for saving time and our marriage!

Demo day 1 was a fantastic day, we accomplished way more than we anticipated, and didn’t have nearly the crazy surprises that we were expecting with a 130 year old house. We finished off the day with a shower and break time, and then re-convened at a local pub for some beers & dinner to celebrate and thank our friends. All in all, not a bad day!


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