the “Before”

It has been our experience so far, and probably for anyone that’s ever moved, that there is a huge difference between what a house looks like when you view it while the previous occupants are still living there, and how it looks after they leave. when we were moving out of our old house, I didn’t want to be one of those people who leaves a dirty mess behind for the next person to have to clean before moving in. So I spent a ton of time at the old house cleaning after we moved all our stuff out; floors, bathroom, even cleaned out the fridge. Jon kept telling me I was crazy, because no one ever does that.  I interested on doing it anyway. And apparently he was right ( look sweetie, I even put it in black and white!) because the new place was a little grody when we got it. Lucky thing we planned to rip it apart!

I made sure to take a ton of “before” pictures, so here they are:


the front walk.  the previous people had a penchant for this pebbly-mosaic- its all over the place!


“dining” room ( standing at front door looking right) and doorway into kitchen . and Jon measuring 


Living room

DSC02538 DSC02540

Staircase. also a glimpse of the lovely ceiling tiles: 



now, you may notice the kitchen looks a bit different than in the real estate pictures; that’s because it really is a macgyvered kitchen. The only actual counter space was the bit where the sink is, and the oven is kinda floating in no-man’s land in the middle. they had an Ikea kitchen cart between the stove and the random tall cabinet coming out into the room to make it look like an island, and an acceptable U-shaped kitchen. But it was really all lies…



and more pebbles around the mirror…told you they liked them! 

The back room… this was being used as a utility room basically- the laundry was back here, along with some rough shelving, a closet and a side door to the patio. Fabulous color choices as well: 

DSC02561 DSC02559 DSC02558 DSC02560

This room was especially grody, poorly finished and just all around crap, really.  It has so much more potential than this…

and it also has the stairs to the dungeon, ahem, basement ( notice the disclaimer): 


And then the basement itself:


DSC02573 DSC02574


not bad for a 130+ year old basement- the Medusa-like furnace notwithstanding. But it works just fine! The basement only has 5′ of  clearance, but other than storage, what are you gonna do down there anyway?

and the master bedroom… although at 9′ x9.5′ or so, there’s really not a whole lot that’s  masterful about it:

DSC02578 DSC02580

and the second “bedroom” –>  although how this can be called a bedroom, i’m not sure… its 9.5′ x5’7″, and i believe our city requires bedrooms to be at least 8×9 to be a legal bedroom, as per a Realtor, but what do i know…

DSC02582 DSC02581 DSC02583

( i know these pics look mostly like walls, my apologies… the room is so small its hard to get in to to take a picture of it!)

and then a few pictures of some of the lovely details of the house: the hardwood flooring, light fixtures, crazy electrical boxes, ceiling tiles, etc: 

DSC02557 DSC02567 DSC02566

DSC02556 DSC02565 DSC02568 DSC02570

And there you have the “Before” of the little house…although not for long!

next up: Demo Day!


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